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US Constitution was Suspended since 1933!

Here's a great article that I found on the Net. It's a short explanation of why the government is passing seemingly unconstitutional laws, and how we can return back to a Constitutional Republic. The 1933 state of emergency was meant to be TEMPORARY, and FDR even promised to end it before leaving office:

“…The Republican Party of Texas recognized that acts of the Congressional body and the office of the President of the United States of America created an emergency condition, and that on and after March 6, 1933 and March 9, 1933 the same said Public offices effectively impaired and suspended the Constitution for the United States of America under pretense of these same created emergency conditions, and that the impairments and disabilities yet exist and are in full force and effect throughout the nation… [and] … that the Republician Party of Texas being duly apprised of the continuing emergency declared on March 9, 1933, demands that the Gold and Silver Coin be fully reinstated and maintained as the lawful money and tender of payment of debts within the United States of America, and that any and all notes and obligations heretofore or hereinafter issued be brought back to and maintained at par value with the said coin;” Be It Further Resolved that the Republican Party of Texas hereby demands the rescinding of the Emergency Banking Relief Act of March 9, 1933 and all subsequent related acts thereunder and demands a Presidential proclamation terminated thereby returning the United States of America to its original peacetime Constitutional Republic.” [Quoted in Part. Ed.]

Not only has the Republician Party of Texas recognized that the constitution has been suspended but so did the 1994 Republician Governors Conference and the 1994 California State Republician Assembly. When three separate “professional” entities begin to not merely consider, but endorse, then advocate a theory as extraordinary as Dr. Gene Schroder’s, the researcher who discovered this, then you got to believe.

Dr. Schroder says that “During times of war or national ‘emergency’ Americans have no rights; instead, the United States government becomes custodian of our rights. Under an emergency government, all rights to due process of law (long process) are suspended, leaving no bar against governmental violations of our rights. The people become mere objects (In Rem) with no unalienable rights to be protected.

“Once the government gains ‘emergency’ power, it is reluctant to relinquish that power. During the Wars of 1812, 1847, 1861, 1917 and 941, the ‘emergency war powers’ were gradually and insidiously defined. However, on March 9, 1933, our government declared a National Emergency and, based on the public’s ignorance and the complacency, took permanent control of the people.

Since March 9, 1933, the United States has remained in a continuous state of declared National Emergency. Since that time, the American people have lost their rights to government, and these rights have not been restored. The American government now claims the power of right, and rules the people by Statute – not the Constitution – in all cases. Under emergency powers, government can do whatever it deems ‘necessary’. The courts change from protectors of the people’s unalienable Rights to enforcers of the government’s statutes.

However, if the ‘national emergency’ were ended, government abuse and injustice would also end. When the American people demand that congress end the ‘national emergency’ they will restore the U.S. Constitution, and regain their rights, freedom and property…”

Mr. Alfred Adask, a legal expert but non-lawyer who ran for the Texas Supreme Court in 1992 describes in AntyShyster (vol. 5 #4) the Emergency war Powers Act in America. He says that “during World War I, congress passed the 1917 Trading With the Enemy Act as an ‘emergency’ (unconstitutional) measure to prevent American products from being sold and shipped to our wartime enemies. [Germany became our enemy after Zionist leaders promised Britain they would bring America into WWI in return for a British occupation of Palestine. This they did in 1917. Ed] In general terms, that 1917 Act granted the Federal government significant new powers to license, regulate, and tax the business transactions of foreign nationals who lived in the USA but worked as commercial agents for our enemies.

Although government could impose these new, unconstitutional burdens on foreign nationals, American citizens were specifically protected from Washington’s new powers. Therefore, if a German national came to the USA to buy steel for Germany (our wartime foe), that German would not be shot or jailed, but he would be licensed, regulated, and taxed until there was no point to buying American steel. However, since this was still ‘the land of the free’, if an American citizen wanted to sell his steel to Germany, well, he wouldn’t win any popularity contests, but he was free to do so without government interference.

WWI ended, Johnny came marching home again and life returned to normal in ‘the land of the free’ – except for one, largely unnoticed difference: the 1917 Trading With The Enemy Act, invoked as an ‘emergency’ (unconstitutional) wartime power was not revoked even though the war and the ‘emergency’ had ended. As a result, those ‘emergency war powers’ granted to government remained on the books.

“No matter, they only applied to foreign enemies, so America danced through the Roaring Twenties ‘til she crashed into the depressing 1930’s. On January 30, 1933, Adolph Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany; on March 3, 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office as the 32nd President of the United States. Within days of his inauguration, FDR amended the dormant 1917 Trading With The Enemy Act to include the American People on the list of ‘enemies’ of the United States, declared a ‘national emergency’ (the ‘Emergency Banking Act of March 9, 1933), and invoked the ‘Emergency War Powers’ of 1917 to rule the United States exactly as if we were at war, i.e. as a dictatorship.

“During the declared ‘emergency’, the constitution for the United States of America was suspended as ‘supreme national policy’. During the ‘emergency’, what was once mandated by law is merely recommended by policy. In other words, as a government agent, if you had the time and inclination, you can follow the precepts of the constitution: but if you are too busy, too hard pressed by the emergency, screw the constitution, kick in some doors, start shooting and kill anyone gets in your way. After all, the law of emergency is no law, only power.

“In fact, when FDR first asked congress to ratify his declaration of ‘national emergency’ and grant him the unconstitutional powers of an American dictator, he promised to terminate the ‘emergency’ and restore the constitution before he left office. If FDR ever truly meant to keep that 1933 promise, he apparently changed his mind when WWII broke out, and kept these powers intact until he died [or was murdered by the illu conspiracy which he served. Ed.] in office in 1945.

“Harry Truman took over the presidency dictatorship, and apparently found the emergency powers so helpful in running the United States, he didn’t revoke the emergency either. In fact, in over 62 years [to 1995 Ed.], not one American President-Dictator has even hinted that the ‘emergency’ should be ended, the war powers surrendered, and the constitution restored as supreme law. Not one.

“The ‘President’s’ role in ending the national emergency is crucial because, although congressional approval was required to initially grant the emergency powers to the executive, once these those virtually absolute powers were granted, no one but the almighty President Dictator himself could return them. In other words, if every representative and senator in congress voted unanimously to end the national emergency, the vote would carry as much weight as if they had voted to end aging, gravity and death. [The congress could, however, pass a resolution to end the emergency power & then suggest the President follow their suggestion. Ed.] Just as the people in the Bible once insisted on having a King (and came to regret it), the 1933 congress also created an American ‘King’. And so long as that ‘King’ rules, we shall regret it because we are all relegated to status somewhat like a POW…

End the national emergency and almost every ‘alphabet-agency’ will simply disappear since they have no constitutional foundation. OSHA, FDA, FCC, CIA, FBI, FTC, NASA, TVA and even the IRS will be gone…”

The text on this website has given you some of the research by people such as Mr. Adask and Dr. Schroder. In a June 5, 1995 U.S. News & World Report four-page report Senior Editor Victoria Pope wrote about such active Patriots in her article Notes From The Underground -- America’s New Dissidents. If you or someone you know, is a compulsive-litigator please contact Compulsive Litigators Anonymous (CLA) at 1-800-SUE-THE-SOBS for help in your area. Their groups which meet regularly will help you find other, less litigious methods to settle your disputes… like filing administrative complaints for discrimination, or commercial liens. The latter is also covered in Commercial Liens I by Mr. Adask which he describes as “a spiral bound, study guide [300][pages] on what may be the hottest legal strategy available for aggressive pro se litigants – commercial liens. The collection of essays, lien examples, case cites, etc. explains how private citizens across the USA are filing LIENS on judges, bureaucrats, even elected politicians to compel them to obey the law. Because these liens are non-judicial, they are inexpressive to file, and difficult for corrupt government officials to evade. Although this strategy is new, evolving, and not absolutely confirmed, everything I’ve seen since 1992 indicated commercial liens may be the most potent, explose strategy available for use by private citizens. The Pro Per Litigants Neutron Bomb.”

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